10 Legends of Nigerian music

It’s Nigeria’s independence day! Happy 58th Independence day to all of my fellow Nigerians out there. To mark the day, I have decided to compile a historic compendium of Nigerian musical legends of the 20th century. These successful Nigerian artists contributed greatly to the growth and development of Nigerian popular music, while bringing glory and … Continue reading 10 Legends of Nigerian music


Misconceptions about Self Care

Unless you have been on a social media hiatus for the past couple of years, you've probably come across quite a few articles touting the benefits of the 'self-care'. While a slew of excellent information about the notion is only a Google search away, there are still a few surprising misconceptions about self-care that could … Continue reading Misconceptions about Self Care

Stop apologising so much! Or you will really be sorry

We have all encountered a person at work that is always sorry. Yes, today we are going to talk about the chronic over-apologizer, the person who sentences always seem to start with "I'm sorry to disturb you" or some other self-defeating phrase. Or maybe you're the one who has fallen into this over-apologising trap? Over-apologising … Continue reading Stop apologising so much! Or you will really be sorry

The Fetishization of Black men – Let’s talk about it

Let's have a conversation about the fetishization of Black men Attraction is, in many ways, complicated, elusive and idiosyncratic. Everyone has different qualities that they are drawn to, and people often don't understand what others find appealing. Have you ever wondered what your friend saw in a partner? - or felt like your friend were … Continue reading The Fetishization of Black men – Let’s talk about it

Three #relationshipgoals that you actually want

With social media so focused on cute relationship goals it is easy to forget what really matters in a relationship.  Unless you have been living under a social media rock for the last three years, you have probably seen the phrase Relationship goals hashtagged into an Instagram caption or two (thousand). Most commonly found under … Continue reading Three #relationshipgoals that you actually want